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We’re the Digital Advert Agency, and we have one simple aim: to provide better digital marketing for companies just like yours.

How digital marketing can benefit your business

We really believe in the power of digital, because we’ve got the evidence – if you want to grow your business in the 21st century, digital marketing has to be part of your strategy.


Increase sales

With digital marketing, you can take your audience straight to the product or service you want them to buy – no searching around your website. Plus, reach completely new audiences that you may not have considered before.

Increase Sales


Generate leads

Looking for new leads? New audiences, in new locations? Digital marketing can help spread awareness of your business while letting you ask the right questions to get new customers on board.

Generate leads


Drive conversation

Whether you’ve got something new and exciting to show off or just want to build up your reputation online, it’s easy to get people talking about your business and spread the message cheaply with digital marketing.

Drive conversation


See the results instantly

With digital marketing, you can see just how many clicks, follows and purchases you’ve received through comprehensive digital dashboards, rather than having to make an educated guess.

See the results instantly


Maximise your budget

Digital marketing is far cheaper than traditional print advertising – reach more people, who actually have an interest in your product or service, over a longer period of time for less money. It’s as simple as that.

Save money

All-round marketing experts

Digital Advert Agency is part of Mighty, the creative communications agency. You could say we’re Mighty’s little sister – delivering all the insight, expertise and creativity that comes from a full-service agency, but with a laser focus on all things digital.

All B2B companies great and small

Why should consumer-focused businesses be the only ones to benefit? Digital marketing is the perfect fit for forward-thinking B2B companies. So no matter whether you’re selling a physical product, a service or even an idea, we’ll develop the perfect strategy to get the message across.

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