Wow the Facebook crowd with these top five tips

With 44.76 million users bragging, sharing, debating and reacting, there’s a fair old mix of people on Facebook, making it an ideal place for you to start spreading the word about your business.

In order to help you punch through the noise, we’ve put together five top tips on how to shape your business for Facebook.

1. Professional but approachable

Most of us are familiar with Facebook and understand that it’s a fairly informative platform. Unlike Twitter, you’re not limited to how much you can write, but don’t overwhelm users with an essay.

Facebook is known for connecting people. It’s a great platform to engage with your audience and gives you the opportunity to build friendly but professional relationships with your clientele.

2. Change up your social posts

Keep your content varied by sharing news from your website, post videos and create polls. Add graphics to text posts, rather than having a wall of words so that users are more likely to take notice of what you’re posting.

Make sure your posts are appropriate and relevant to your business, and take advantage of the profile picture and cover photos as branding opportunities – that way, your page will be recognisable.

3. Take advantage of the tiny details

There are a variety of different features that can make your page user friendly and easier to navigate.

Adding a customised call to action button to your page can allow users to visit your website, contact you or book a service. You can also enable messaging so existing or potential customers can privately message you with any questions they may have.

If you’ve made a post that you’re particularly proud of or you want to highlight some information, pin that post to the top of your page. This highlights the post and makes it the first one that users will see when visiting your business page.

4. Know your audience and generate reach

Generally speaking, the largest age demographic for Facebook ranges between 25 to 34 years, but through our experiences, we have found that people from ages 35 to 55 generally react better to ads. So, you’ll need to consider which age groups you want to interact with or if you’d prefer to have an overall approach to a variety of users.

Either way, it’s important to keep on top of responding to comments, reviews and messages. This will (hopefully!) lead to users sharing your content and tagging their friends in posts. Through this kind of engagement, your posts will begin to spread and appear on the news feeds of mutual friends, potentially leading to new followers and customers.

5. You’ll be the talk of the feed

Facebook ads are a great way to promote your business and its content. However, in order to be that shining beacon amongst the competition, you’ll need something with substance to ignite the spark.


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Robyn Hardman

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