Improve your business’ Instagram profile with these top tips

Are you sick and tired of seeing your social media competitors’ likes and comments increase by the second? Fret no more – we’ve delved into the facts and figures, and we’ve got five top tips that’ll get you started on the path to Instagram greatness.

1. Identify your target audience

The main age demographic for Instagram typically ranges from 18-34, so you’ll need to have an understanding of your current audience and if you want to expand to this millennial following.

A lot of interaction on Instagram is organic, so it’s important to maintain a strong connection with your audience. By doing so, your followers will boost your company’s reputation by getting other people talking about your brand in the comments, leading to more followers.

2. Polish up your profile

Consistency is key. We recommend maintaining the same username for each social account, but if you can’t, make them similar.

Instagram’s profile is simple and easy to navigate. Make sure you’re making the most of the features at hand, with an up-to-date profile picture, a short and sweet bio and a link to your website. Businesses can also include their phone number, email and address as contact options, so people can contact you directly straight from your profile.

3. Stand out from the rest

Instagram is a visually driven platform, so your images and videos need to be of a high quality and aesthetically pleasing. By incorporating your brand and personality into your images as well, your content will be visually appealing and recognisable.

There are alternative features too, such as the Instagram story, which enables you to use different features to highlight new posts, interact with your audience via polls, and live stream.

You should also incorporate relevant hashtags to your post descriptions, adverts and campaigns. Hashtags can help you to make a better connection with your community and introduce you to a wider range of people via Instagram’s browse and search features.

4. How to increase sales and influence people

Instagram can also incorporate e-commerce marketing into your promotional posts through the Instagram shopping feature. It’s also known for its influencers; their main focus is to promote products to a large following. By reaching out to people who would suit your brand and product, you can build relationships and increase your audience considerably.

5. Boost your business with affordable advertising

Instagram offers various advertising features, giving you the flexibility to cater your content to your chosen audience. But with the vast amount of stuff already on Instagram, your adverts need to punch through the noise to make an impact.


This is where we come in. With all the research and data collected from you, we create ads that will ensure you’re the star of the scroll. Interested? Find out more about our digital marketing services for businesses like yours or contact us for more information.

Robyn Hardman

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