How to create a social media schedule

If you’re stressing about creating content for a variety of social platforms while juggling other important sectors of your business, you’re in need of a plan.

We’ve put together some pointers that will get you thinking about how to get your social accounts organised and help you to start putting that social media schedule together.

Planning and creating content

Start with the bigger picture. Get that calendar open and think about what you’d like to plan for the month – envisage the content you would like to post and what you want to say.

If you’re really struggling with what to post, have a look at your current content and see which posts perform better. This will give you a clearer understanding of what content your audience enjoys the most or, you can always ask them yourself! It’s all about maintaining audience engagement.

Still stumped? Take inspiration from what’s around you and cater it to your business. Your competitors might be creating posts that include meeting the team, job listings, polls, funny (but relevant!) news stories or videos, or posting a weekly video. At the end of the day, you want engaging content that your followers will keep coming back to time after time, so think about instigating regular features that go live on the same day each week.

Hashtags are also a great way to break up your schedule as well as encouraging conversation with followers. Use hashtags that are well known – #ThrowbackThursday is widely recognised and used by almost everyone on the internet. There are also annual hashtags such as #NationalPuppyDay or (one of our favourites) #InternationalPizzaDay. Feel free to get creative – invent a hashtag that you can use to share updates on any work projects.

It might seem a bit much to fill in four weeks’ worth of content, but don’t worry – it’s okay to leave gaps or change things up a bit later on. By starting with a rough plan for the month, you can then move onto what you want to write for each week.

Make time to draft your posts

With your plan perfected, you can make a start on drafting your posts for the week. We recommend drafting your content every week – should your monthly plan change, you then won’t need to edit an entire month of written content.

Remember to put aside some time to work on your weekly drafts and keep it to the same time each week if you can – that way, you can guarantee your copy and graphics are ready to be scheduled, giving you peace of mind knowing that your social content is organised for the following week.

The power of scheduling

Once you’ve created a plan for your content, schedule your posts for each week. Most social platforms offer this feature, but to make this process even quicker, you can use social scheduling apps. By condensing everything into one place, it makes the process of creating posts, reviewing them and editing them much easier, with the added bonus of using it to chat with your followers.

With a social plan put together, you’ll want to push your content even further if you want to entice more followers to your profile. This is where we can help. Find out more about our paid and organic social media packages for B2B companies or contact us for more information.

Robyn Hardman

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