Get trending on Twitter with these five tips

It’s tough to find the right balance for your business on Twitter – with 38% of users aged between 18 and 29 and 26% ranging from 30 to 49 years, there’s a big variety of people to try and target. 

So, if you want to be a jack of all trades, we’ve put together five top tips on how to master Twitter for your business.

1. Precise and to the point

When it comes to Twitter, it needs to be short and sweet. There’s a 280-character limit per tweet, so use them wisely.

Depending on how you want to present your business online, you can be friendly and informal or more serious and professional – whatever you choose, always keep your content appropriate and brand related. Twitter is the birthplace of hashtags, so make sure to utilise those in your tweets as well – don’t go mad though, just a few will do.

2. Videos, polls and perfect gifs

Similar to how you might tackle Facebook, include a variety of content in your weekly schedule. Tweets are posted in a real time format, so you need to keep your content short and visually stimulating, otherwise users will scroll right past.

Videos, gifs, animated graphics and polls are all great ways to encourage user interaction. If you really want to get down with the kids, think about throwing in some emojis – they add a bit of personality to your tweets when used appropriately.

3. It’s all give-and-take

Twitter is all about having conversations with people, either by sharing news, views or media. We’ve mentioned before about engaging with organic users on Instagram, but this is just as important on Twitter.

Don’t talk at your followers, talk with them – initiate two-way conversations and make sure to like and retweet, especially if a user has tagged your account in a review post.

4. A master plan

Twitter is fast paced, so you need to be organised. By posting content on a regular basis, you’re more likely to be seen and receive regular engagement.

To help you keep on top of things, we advise that you put together a social plan. A plan enables you to reuse owned media – this can be done by recycling content from newsletters, blogs and infographics, but do this in moderation.

You’ll be able to schedule your tweets ahead of time, which will free up time for you to run your business. (If you want to know more about social media plans, we’ve written this handy blog on that very thing!).

5. Think before you speak

A lot of people tweet before they think and sometimes, that comes back to bite them. Be mindful of what is going on in the world and if that could affect your following or your business.

Always proof-read your content and if you’re switching between a business and personal Twitter account, make sure you’re posting on the right one!


By following these five steps, you’ll be tweeting left and right. If you’re interested in becoming the next best trend, we can help boost your business with killer social media strategies and creative campaigns. Find out more on our services page or contact us to see how we’ve helped other businesses just like yours.

Robyn Hardman

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