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9 May 2022

Snap x Cameo: Snapchat’s new partnership with Cameo

Fancy adding a bit of celebrity sparkle to your next Snapchat ad campaign? Snapchat have teamed up with Cameo, the […]
1 April 2022

The State of Facebook Ads in 2022

Did you know that approximately one in every four posts on your news feed is a sponsored Facebook ad? Have […]
19 May 2021
The Snapchat icon on an iPhone, surrounded by stars and colourful lines

Are Snapchat Ads good for B2B?

Snapchat isn’t just for Gen Z – it’s a powerful advertising platform that generates an amazing amount of web traffic […]
26 April 2021
The Apple logo hanging from a ceiling in an Apple Store

What do the iOS 14 changes mean for your Facebook ads?

With an upcoming update, Apple are boosting privacy features for iPhone and iPad users – which will have a real […]
23 April 2021
A map of the world, with arrows pointing from the UK to the US, Spain and the Middle East

Geotargeting 101 – why it pays to stay local

You might already know that most search ad companies and social media advertising platforms allow you to drill down by […]
14 April 2021
A woman on the phone with painted nails, making a business call

Are Facebook ads really a good idea for B2B?

If you’re a B2B company, you’ve probably given LinkedIn and Twitter ads a try, but might not have considered the […]
8 April 2021
The Piccadilly Circus billboard, with different ads outlined by coloured lines and emojis

Why the myth of ‘if you build it, they will come’ needs to stop

So, you’ve got a fantastic new website, and you’re ready to start selling. Surely, thanks to this amazing new digital […]
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